Jon Stetson invites you to his very special, 100-year-old family tradition,

“The Ladies Only Psychic Party” – the ultimate “girls night out” for women

of all ages.

“The Ladies Only Psychic Party” is a fun-filled experience where attendees

Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn! You will be enthralled by new

demonstrations of Jon’s unique brand of psychic entertainment. That is,

however, just the beginning. Jon’s charismatic and lively demonstrations

provide a rare opportunity to experience the fascinating phenomenon of an

intuitive experience, which he delivers with his distinctive style of humor,

intensity, and compassion. This has made Jon a much sought-after

Speaker, Entertainer, Teacher, and Guide.

You will be empowered to understand and further develop your own

intuitive skills. Participants will, indeed, amaze themselves and discover

their unlimited potential.

Over the past 25 years, President Bush, President Carter, the King of

Sweden, the Royal Family of Monaco, Donald Trump, Bob Kraft and the

New England Patriots, Fortune 1000 organizations, professional

associations, and celebrity audiences have experienced Jon Stetson

worldwide. During this time Jon has also made television appearances on

CBS, CNN, NBC, PBS, and the A&E Network.